Creation and experiments with the Small Reverse Polish Notation Programming Language (Small for short)

1. Introduction

Do you know Lua? This is a simple scripting programming language with a very small interpreter (around 600kB once compiled) and that can be easily included and linked into any software. Essentially, Lua allows users to program and add new functions to an existing software without having to edit its source code and to recompile it. Lua is quite popular – especially in video game development: You would be surprised by the number of games that use Lua (World of Warcraft, Crysis, Civilization 5, SimCity 4, Stalker, etc. – for more)

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Presentation and introduction

Hello stranger,

If you read this posts right after I publish it; if you read this post by exploring backward the hundreds of my posts; or if you find it on this old website that nobody updated for several years, I welcome you to my blog and to my first post.

My name is Mathieu Guillame-Bert. Today, I am working as a researcher in a university in the US. I am studding data mining for “large temporal databases”. I a few words, I am trying to make systems able to understand and predict the future. Some people (not me) call this “AI” (i.e. Artificial Intelligence). In my spare time, I make video games, I hack, I play, I read blogs, and I watch video on Youtube. It is not all I do, but you get the idea.

For a couple of years now, I had the desire to make a blog to talk about things I like. Today, I decided to do it. In this blog, I will talk about a lot of subjects: I will talk about my research and computer science in general in a very informal way. I will talk about making video games (e.g. artificial intelligence, mechanics, procedural generation, game design, experiments). I will talk about programming and hackings (e.g. creating my own minimal programming language, playing with c++, playing with phones, playing with the internet!). I will talk about little experiments and DIYs (e.g. my mini crossbow, my non-lethal mousetrap, my hydrogen balloons).

I have quite a precise idea of what will be my first couple of posts, and I have a large amount of subjects that I want to talk about but where I did not figured how to present them.

Nevertheless, I hope that you will enjoy reading this blog and I will see you in the next post.