Dust Presentation discussion about Artificial Intelligence engine

For a while now, I wanted to introduce you to a project that I started around two years ago. While not complete, the project has reached enough maturity so I can talk about it, show nice screen shots and envision its release.

This project is called , and it is a video game in the mindset of Build and Defend. Essentially, Dust contains many of the things that I wanted to add to B&D, but that I could not because it would have completely changed the game, or because it would have required to completely reprogram the game engine. Dust is a top-down, third person 2D game in a 3D world, where players try to survive in an post apocalyptic world filled with strange creatures as simple as that. The game is played real time (i.e. it is not turn based) in an gigantic and procedurally generated world populated with different areas and encounters. I would say that Dust is a Rogue Like (if you do not follow the very strict definition).

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